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Highworth coverage update

The majority of those with an SN6 7 post code can now enjoy 2 hours free internet, or upgrade to our 24/7 faster paid service for just £9.99 per month, and the first month is FREE.

For those of you in Highworth that we cannot get to at present I hope the following explanation helps,

To be able to cover the remaining area we have two challenges to overcome. Our equipment is mounted on lampposts and therefore our ability to provide coverage is predicated on the availability of appropriate street furniture. In some areas there are concrete lampposts on which we cannot mount our equipment because it is perceived to pose a weight threat to the structural integrity of the post, the second challenge is that we have a number of quite short posts or posts which are in dips, this makes it harder to get effective radio communication between posts.

In the medium to long term we are maintaining a dialogue with Swindon Borough Council who do have a programme of replacing concrete lampposts with more modern steel ones. As Street furniture is upgraded we hope to be able to extend our network coverage. We are not in a position to put a timetable on when this might happen.

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